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Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know a few facts about The Malawi Institute of Physical Planners (MIPP)

What does MIPP stands for?

MIPP is an abreviation that stands for the Malawi Institute of Physical Planners.

What is the main Aim/Objective of MIPP?

The aims and objects of MIPP is to advance the science and art of physical planning in all its aspects.

Who runs MIPP?

The affairs of the Institute are governed by MIPP Council, which comprises duly registered members who are elected to hold positions of the Council for two years.

Who constitutes the MIPP Council?

The Council consists The President, The Vice President, The Honorary Secretary, The Honorary Treasurer, Three Members, One Student Member and The Immediate Past President

Who is Eligible to be an MIPP Member?

MIPP Membership application is open to any Malawian citizen who is either pursuing an academic career in the field of physical planning or someone who has served (or is currentlyserving) the physical planning industry.

What are the MIPP Membership Categories?

These includes: 1. Honorary Member, 2. Fellow – (Corporate Member), 3. Chartered (Corporate Member), 4. Associate (Non-corporate Member), 5. Student (Non-corporate Member), 6. Institutional Member (Non- Corporate Member).

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